About Us


We’re creative originators and experiential designers armed with solutions that have the power to transform and change the way we experience the world around us.

We activate, inform and inspire. We put art, science, culture, and history, centre stage. We turn corporate issues into community initiatives.

We’ve helped shape Asia through thick and thin – our ideas and solutions pump through its circulatory system. We’re not just part of the furniture – we’re in the DNA.

We partner with some of the world’s most innovative organisations, businesses and corporations to deliver our expertise where it makes the biggest impact.

From defining the smallest details to embracing the big picture, we are driven to inspire, inform and uplift individuals through experiences that are economically, culturally and commercially responsible.


After Karen Chang founded and managed two international PR companies and Peter Cook won numerous awards with his own design studio, they founded Globe Creative. Over the past 20+ years they have pushed creative boundaries presenting many ‘firsts’ in the region. They have also developed enduring working relationships with Asia’s most reputable companies, museums and organisations, helping them in good times, and steering them through difficult ones.

The team launched practically all the major integrated retail developments in Hong Kong and developed the unique ‘Museum in a Mall’ concept which brings art, culture and science to millions of people in an easily accessible way.

It has made Globe Creative a specialist in Touring Exhibitions. To date more than 8 million people have visited a Globe Creative exhibition.

Globe Creative has developed into an agency where ‘multi-disciplinary’ is a real thing. They present initiatives that are a dynamic combination of communications, interactive experience, education and community outreach.

It’s a unique offering that delivers lasting audience engagement the world over, and really does make the world a better place.


Karen Chang

Firecracker doesn’t cover it. Karen is tenacious, relentless and brimming with ideas. With over two decades of accomplishment and acclaim from all disciplines of public relations, event management, marketing and communications, Karen is known for turning corporate issues into creative opportunity.

The only thing more limitless than Karen’s capacity for ideas – are her energy levels. She is the one with the vision to make the incredible, possible. Her generosity of spirit has made her a consummate connector – whether she’s collaborating with talented creatives, or bringing together clients for mutual benefit, Karen unites people achieving the remarkable. So whether it’s her portfolio of work for the region’s most respected blue chip organisations or her long-term trusted voice at the senior management table – either way, Karen is someone you want in your corner.

Peter Cook

Peter’s enduring passion and endless creative intuition has made him one of the most experienced masters in the creative industry. His work spans carefully crafted identities, culturally persuasive marketing, astute design detail and influential campaigns. Peter’s talent is extant within the identity and soul of Hong Kong’s landmark shopping malls, property developments, government initiatives, loved NGOs, industrial boomers and tourism players.

Guiding creative teams through big, complicated creative projects, he has the attention to detail and expertise to deliver tangible creativity that captures imaginations.

Rowan Tiesma

Over 20 years of accomplishment in managing museum exhibitions, conceptual design, new technology and optimising visitor experiences, have fuelled Rowan’s passion for narrative environments and interactive spaces. From exhibitions in London, Shanghai, Beijing, Holland, Kuwait City, Macau and Hong Kong, Rowan’s expertise and vision continue to deliver inspiring showcases, from concept to realisation.

His specialisation in engaging audiences and visitors of all ages and demographics is an embodiment of his philosophy – creating meaningful, positive and impactful experiences that spark something special in every individual who encounters them.