‘Financial Times’ Wrap

Exhibition features

  • 50-storey high wrap
  • 2 weeks to print
  • 12 days to install
  • Specialist rigging team from New Zealand
  • Stunning visibility factor that attracted worldwide attentio

Exhibition period

  • Two ifc tower Hong Kong
  • October 2003


  • 7 million people saw the installation
  • Media coverage in 100 cities
Project image
Project image

The world’s largest billboard, a Financial Times newspaper, was wrapped around the façade of the then tallest building in Hong Kong, Two ifc in 2003. Measuring 50 stories tall, 230m long and covering an area of 2,000 m2, the FT ad also featured HSBC and Cathay Pacific and announced the launch of the FT’s Asia Edition.

Project image
Skyline with a unique touch
Project image
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