Sculpture In Movement

Exhibition features

  • 28 replicas of famous sculptures from the Louvre Museum
  • 4 original Siu Jing Guo sculptures from his acclaimed ‘Mao Jacket’ series
  • Text and signage in simplified Chinese, Braille and English
  • Visitors blindfolded to encourage the sense of touch to experience the sculptures
  • Braille pathways throughout

Exhibition period

  • Winter Garden at the World Financial Centre (WFC), Beijing
  • 17 June to 30 September 2010


  • 100,000 visitors
Project image
Project image
Project image

Louvre’s first exhibition in China in the Winter Garden of the World Financial Center (WFC) in Beijing. Reproductions of classical sculptures were teamed with Chinese contemporary artist Siu Jiang Guo’s iconic contemporary artworks, in an exhibition where visitors were encouraged to experience the installations through touch. Exhibition also catered specifically for sight-impaired visitors.