Xu Bing – It Begins With Metamorphosis

Exhibition features

  • Notable works by artist including:
  • Background Story (2014) a Chinese painting composed of leaves and debris
  • Square Word Calligraphy (2014) a Taoist verse in artist’s invented pictograph language
  • Tobacco Book (2011) a super-sized book made of tobacco leaves
  • The Opening (1998) a ‘live’ installation where 300 silkworms populate mulberry trees
  • Educational programmes
  • Guided tours

Exhibition period

  • Asia Society Hong Kong Center, Chantal Miller Gallery
  • 8 May to 31 Aug 2014


  • 57,000 visitors
Project image
Project image
Project image

Xu Bing’s first major solo exhibition in Hong Kong highlights how metamorphosis marks the beginning of the process of ideas and methods. Often using unexpected materials including tobacco leaves, debris, and silkworms, Xu Bing mediates on the transformative power of materiality as he challenges societal values, and explores the shape of memories, histories, and destinies.