Asia Society Unesco Submission

Exhibition features

  • Location: Asia Society Hong Kong Center
  • Submission date: November 2016
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Globe Creative researched and produced Asia Society’s entry in the 2016 UNESCO Cultural Heritage Conservation Awards – a 200-page book that documents Hong Kong’s 165-year-old explosives magazine on a former military site in the centre of Hong Kong. It traced its retrieval from ruin, the conservation of its old buildings and the melding of sleek new architectural forms into a steeplywooded, defiantly low-rise centre for culture and the arts.

Technical documentation was supplemented by extensive research and interviews with geologists, historians, engineers, architects and the Society’s sources, to produce an historical narrative featuring some remarkable discoveries, including the aerial ropeway, cannons and original boundary stones. Hundreds of photographs, drawings, plans and records covering the site from discovery to its completion, recorded the beauty and practicality of the old buildings, repurposed in a modern context.