Dinos Alive

Exhibition features

  • 24 life-size and hyper realistic dinosaurs up to 10m tall
  • Venue transformed into a majestic prehistoric forest
  • Set pieces include Dino Holding Pen, Dino Lab, Dino Enclosures
  • Animated experience: Dino Hatchery
  • VR exhibit: Fly with Dinos
  • AR exhibit: Flesh-on-Bones Dinos
  • Greenscreen experience: Dino Escape
  • Surround screens showed ‘breaking news of escaped dinos on the loose!'
  • Specially produced films added realism to the experience

Exhibition period

  • Studio City, Macau
  • 18 January to 15 April, 2017


  • 3 million visitors
Project image
Project image
Project image

A 7.5m Brachiosaurus feeds quietly, a 10m long TRex growls at an Ankylosaurus with its swing club tail, a Parasaurolophus in his holding pen, flocks of Pterodactyls fly overhead…

For the first time, dinosaurs from China and the world are shown as they really were: in full colour and motion! Visitors experience flying with dinos, searching for dinos and seeing them fight to their death. Backed by the latest science. A full-blown ‘Jurassic Park’ encounter.

Greenscreen experience for social media sharing
Augmented reality over a T-rex skeleton
See baby Velociraptors crawl from their eggshell
The dinosaurs were in the news...