Alien Invasion

Exhibition features

  • Space colony with Rocket installation
  • Space Bar with a ‘hologram’ of a 6-armed alien bar tender
  • Herds of magnificent alien creatures
  • Aliens and inter-planetary beings
  • Green screen experience: Space Race
  • Photo opportunity: UFO

Exhibition period

  • Studio City, Macau
  • 23 May to 9 September, 2018


  • 2.5 million visitors
Project image
Project image
Project image

A total sci-fi experience transformed Studio City into the hottest space colony on the planet. Meet the incredible aliens that have congregated at the Space Bar with its fabulous Alien Bartender, get upclose with wild majestic space creatures, experience Space Flight as visitors blast-off into the universe and buckle up speed junkies for that heart-stopping Space Race!

Project image
The iconic alien in front of the building
Project image
The alien creatures were great for taking photos
Greenscreen experience for social media sharing
The rocket took off every 15 minutes