Digital Dunhuang - Tales of Heaven and Earth

Exhibition features

  • 100 exhibits including:
  • Replica of Magao Cave 285
  • Virtual experiences of select caves
  • Digitisation of the monumental mural Mount Wutai
  • Multimedia installations highlighting Buddhist art and stories
  • Audio-visual programmes bringing Dunhuang culture alive
  • Artefacts and objects
  • Docent tours

Exhibition period

  • Hong Kong Heritage Museum
  • 11 July to 22 October, 2018


  • 250,000 visitors
Project image
Project image
Project image

The Mogao Grottoes in the Gobi Desert, China are considered one of the most important collections of Buddhist art in the world. Using the latest multimedia technology, this exhibition highlights the digitisation projects of the Dunhuang Academy, together with a presentation of unearthed artefacts and the grotto art of Dunhuang. For the first time, visitors were able to appreciate the art and stories of the Buddhist realm without being at the Grottos.

Digital Dunhuang introduction video
Project image
The 11m wide projection
Developing the elements for the video
Developing the elements for the video