Treasures of Time

Exhibition features

  • 120 exquisite timepieces from the collection of The Palace Museum Beijing
  • Collection of European pocket watches and clock making tools from the Science Museum London
  • Recreation of the inner workings of a clock in an 18th century London clock tower
  • Hyper realistic models of a clock maker and his apprentice inside a replica workshop
  • Special films and projections
  • Interactives and games
  • Docent tours and demonstrations

Exhibition period

  • Hong Kong Science Museum
  • 7 December to 10 April 2019


  • 650,000 visitors
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Project image
Project image

This exhibition merges science, history and art and gives visitors an opportunity to understand the concept of time and mechanisms of clocks through films, exhibits and displays of exquisite timepieces. For a better understanding of the cultural exchange that also took place, visitors are taken back to 18th century Europe where they enter a working ‘clock tower’ to experience the inner workings of a clock, and a clock maker’s workshop to see the tools and equipment used in European clock making.

Clockmaker's workshop with animated windows
Clock tower cleaner
How timekeeping developed
Project image
Actors in historical clothing