Wonders of the Ocean

Exhibition features

  • An exact replica of a 14 year old female blue whale
  • Fossils of early ocean life
  • Creature specimens
  • Hyper-realistic models of Grouper, Sawfish and Napoleon Wrasse
  • AR experience: Blue Whale Encounter
  • Blue Whale stories, narrated by Karen Mok, celebrity conservationist
  • Films and imagery, by local filmmakers, filmed in Asian waters
  • Scientific Advisors: Natural History Museum Los Angeles, The University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Science
  • Docent tours

Exhibition period

  • ifc mall
  • 30 July to 18 August, 2019


  • 300,000 visitors
Project image
Project image
Project image

A stunning 20-meter blue whale takes centre stage, giving visitors the opportunity to walk underneath the largest creature to have ever lived. Named ‘Cherish’, she is a symbol of our power to shape a sustainable future. An exhibition that celebrates the wonder and beauty of the Ocean, from the smallest invisible creatures, to those just discovered and the numerous surprises that stretch the imagination.

Project image
Hyper-realistic models of Garoupa fish
Project image
Unique specimens on loan from HK University
Project image
Young and old were fascinated
Project image
Skull of Napoleon Wrasse