What we do

We’re creative originators and experiential designers. Armed with story telling, design, technology and marketing tools, we create memorable experiences that resonate with your audience on an emotional level.


Our exhibitions and installations turn the mysteries of history, forgotten treasures, fascinating animals, art, relics and science into experiences that change people.

We bring great stories to people in the region and beyond. Our passion and skills are to make art, culture and science meaningful and accessible.

2 million visitors who saw the world’s largest Picasso masterpiece Parade.

250,000 visitors discovered the Maritime Silk Route collection of ceramics, imperial jade and gold.

800,000 visitors learned about the afterlife and 3 million visitors got immersed in dinos.

Location Activation

We deliver creative solutions that breathe new life into your space. Audiences value positive experiences that engage them on a sensory, intellectual, artistic and inspirational level.

From museums and world heritage sites to integrated developments and retail destinations – if you need people flocking to, spending on and enjoying what you have to offer – we can help to activate key destinations.

Lobbying & Advocacy

Finding a way to promote your latest venture relies heavily on community engagement. We know how to integrate commercial enterprise and community outreach for mutual and lasting benefit.

Our networks and connections run deep and we can deliver shareholder value as well as bottom line results in campaigns, projects and exhibitions that champion causes and stories.